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Email Marketing | Digital Marketing company in Patna

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a method for telling customers or potential clients about a product,service, or combination of the two ,That you have.

Email marketing occurs when a company sends a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email.

Email Marketing plays an important role in Internet Marketing/Digital Marketing.

It’s a way to give them insight about what is going on with your business, and it’s a great way to build a good working relationship with them.

Benefits of Email Marketing

1).You can connect directly with your target audience

2).Your marketing becomes very focussed,as you know what your subscribers want

3). That makes it easier to turn subscribers into customers.

4).Build a list.

Arition Infotech Best Digital Marketing/ Online Marketing company

E-mail marketing has very low overheads

You need

-Domain Name

-Web hosting account

-Squeeze page

-Autoresponder service

-Free giveaway

None of this stuff costs very much.

Email Marketing Tips And Tricks


1. Use The Right Email Service

I recommend Aweber, GetResponse, or Infusionsoft.

2. Make It Easy To Subscribe

The easier it is to subscribe, the subscribers you get.Don’t make people work to get your emails.

3.Define Your Audience

If you are getting subscribers without making sure they are interested in your niche,you won’t much success.Your numbers will be terrible.

4.Create A Free Lead Magnet

Gone are the days where people just sign up for a newsletter.Offer a lead magnet that is related to your niche and offers lots of value for free.

5.Always have a Welcome Email

People expect an email after subscribing. This will be your most opened email in your auto responder. Make people feel  like they made a good decision to subscribe and make sure you give them the lead magnet right away.

6. Send Yourself A Test Email

Make sure your email service are running smoothly and your emails look good before you ever send your first email or make your auto responder active.

7.Encourage Subscribers To Follow You On Social Media

One of your first emails in your auto responder should encourage subscribers to connect with you on social media.The more ways they connect to you,the more likely They are to see your content or offers.

8.Make Sure People Are Able To Unsubscribe.

It is actually illegal for people to get marketing emails without an unsubscribe option.

9.Have Auto responder Based On Subscriber’s Time

If you have all local clients,you can just send emails based on most popular open times.If you have a business that covers an entire country or multiple countries,like an internet business,make sure auto responder emails send based on the each user’s subscribe time.Or,you could even specify emails to go at a certain time while adapting to their given time zone.

10.Make Sure Your Email Says “From (Your Brand)”

If subscribers don’t know who the email is from, You don’t do very well.It should be from your name or your company’s name.

Arition Infotech , SEO and Digital Marketing company in Patna.

digital marketing in patna

Arition Infotech Provide a complete solution of Online Marketing

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Why need SEO?

Do you have a website?

seo company in begusarai

Buy You Don’t have the traffic you expected?

How easy it is to find you Online?

89% of users don’t go beyond the second page.

72% of users click on the first 3 results.

If you’re not showing up here..
You are not getting the results you could be

We can change that!

Arition infotech ,Leading SEO Company in India

We have genrated incredible results for our clients. High Traffic

From small company to big corporations

with Search Engine Optimization

You Get

  1. More Visitors to your Website
  2. Increased Sales
  3. Targeted Traffic
    and Much more….

So what are you waiting For?

Get Your Business out there in front of your customers!

SEO and Website company in Patna and Begusarai.

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Why need a Website and SEO?

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Don’t Have a website Yet?

Attention Small Business Owner..
Are You losing sleep at night…

Because you can’t keep customers coming through your doors?

Are you spending a TON of money on advertising methods that no longer work like they used to?

Website company in Patna

Website company in Patna

Even though they cost a lot…

The results are Disappointing
to say the least…

A Professional website can help you turn things around!

Arition Infotech Best Website and SEO/SMO company in Bihar .We provide affordable website and SEO Services….

Millions of people flock to the internet every single day…
On a mission to find Local Products and services…
But the Problem is…
Without a website…

You have no real chance of capturing these Hot leads..

Which means you Lose potential customers to your competition!

In today’s digital internet age..not having a website is simply bad for business..

Is this a chance you can afford to take?

A company website will help you….

  • Build Creadibility
  • Showcase your services
  • Establish trust

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digital marketing in patna

Arition infotech | SEO company in Patna and Begusarai

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a list or diagram which represents the hierarchical structure of the html pages in a website.And it is an important part of SEO.

Arition infotech Best SEO and Website company In Patna and Begusarai.

Purpose of a Sitemap:

  1. sitemap is a website design planning tool. It is used to:
  2. Map out the site architecture*
    • Structure
    • Navigation
    • Page hierarchy;
    • Categories the site content into logical groups, which will have meaning for the user;
    • Organised the order of the pages of the site, to create logical paths (so that targeted users achieve the purpose of their visit);

A sitemap is used to:

–Plan the logical presentation of website content to users;

–Visualise and structure user paths;

–Organise the presentation of content to assist the business to achieve its business goals;

–Plan user-centric functionality, to enhance the user experience;

–Plan a navigation structure that orientates and directs users, and enables (and entices) users to engage with the site

Sitemap Elements:

–Page ID (ie. numbered/labelled html pages)

–Page levels (hierarchy)

–Sitemap legend / key

  • (legend used for sitemap diagrams)

Website success =Visitors × Conversion × Loyalty

Arition Infotech Bihar’s Leading IT company

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