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What is Google Tag Manager ?

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What is Google Tag Manager ?

Generally we put all code in single page like google analytics code,custom html tag,google image tag etc.

So this give a more load to our page and take more buffering time which is not good As per Google Buffering Algorith.

All code in One page is hard to manage and understand too.some times it take too long to get new tags on your website.

So here the disadvantage is

1) google analytics code take time to load

2) it is time consuming to put code in all the page

3) So here google tagmanager give the facility to put outside code instead of editing or adding sitecode

-without google tag manager

*eg. if i want to add google analytics code in my site then what i want to do is i will put google analytics code in my site page and if i have so many page of my website than i want to put this code individually in all the pages.

– with Google tag manager

* if i use google tag manager then what i want to do is just put Google tag manager code in my websites pages and i can put google analytics code in google tag manager.

Benefitsseo company in patna

-google tag manager work Synchronisly so at a time two compilation works.

-Less coding on our page website so buffering is fast.

Google tag manager working process

* We want to just add google tag manager code in our website and put analytics code in google tag manager

* This is just example if i have google analytics,custom html tag, google webmaster etc.

* so if we want to add all codes than the coding is complex and take more buffer time

* so in tag manager what we want to do is just put Google tag manager code in our website and all codes related to different tools we want to put in google tag manager


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Off page SEO

3 Parts of successful SEO:

  1. Keyword Research (1st and most important factor of SEO)
  2.  On Page SEO (Getting Ranked Рbut not always enough)
  3. Off Page SEO (Ensure Your Rankings)

The Quest For Back Links(Off Page)

What is a back link?

A Vote from 1 site that links back to your site

Off Page SEO

Not All Links are Created Equal:

Page Rank Scale From 0 to 10

New site=0 | Authority site = 3,4,5 etc.

You want links from high PR Sites
.edu and .gov = good and powerful

7 ways to get back links:

1) Article Marketing(Software,article directories)

2) Web 2.0 websites (very powerful for backlinking)

3)Social Bookmarking (SocialAdr | OnlyWire | SocialMonkey | TribePro)

4) Forum posting ( | WarriorFourm)

5)Blog commenting (CommentKahuna)

6) Software submission (SeNuke,Magic Submitter,Traffic Geyser,UAW)

7) Press releases(Learn how to do it properly)

How to anchor text you links in articles directories?

How to hyperlink your anchor text in the author resource box:
Your Keyword Here


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Arition infotech SEO/SMO company In Patna/Bihar

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Social Media Marketing

seo company in patna

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a marketing technique to improve traffic and brand awareness using Social Sites.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization is a process of improving the social signals in and outside the site.

digital marketing in patna

Why Social Media Marketing?

  • 1.21 Billion Active Users
  • 1.01 Billion Mobile Users
  • 100 Million Plus Users in India
  • 50 Million FB Pages
  • 5 new Facebook profiles are created every second
  • The average spend time is 20 minutes per visit
  • 5,10,000 comments are posted every minute
  • 42% of marketers say Facebook is critical or important

53% of shoppers has purchased from Facebook Pages

51% of fans purchases from brands they “like”
68% of marketers say Facebook ads are effective


1 Billion + Users
225 Million Active Users
78% Mobile Users
500 Million Tweets per day

  • 1+ Billion Active users
  • 2nd Largest Search Engine
  • 100 Hours of video per Minute
  • 40% Mobile Traffic
Google +
  • 1.7 + Billion Users
  • 540 Million Active Users
  • Better for Search Visibility
  • Local SEO Integration

Facebook Profile

A profile is an individual account in FB

Has high engagement and reach compared to business page
– Create a Custom URL ->
– Enable Tagging Settings
-Enable Privacy Settings

-cannot use advertising for personal Profile

Business page helps you build your reputation,reach new customers and stay connected with customers
-Can have unlimited number of Fans
-Can Promote using Advertising
-Can use Facebook Apps

Example :

Goal of the Page
-Business Updates
-Customer Engagement
-Brand Awareness
-Increasing Leads/Sales
-Creating an Awareness Campaign

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