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Mobile Application Promotion

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Finding out the best ways to promote your mobile app can be a challenging exercise

33 ways to promote your mobile app

#1 A Captivating,yet descriptive app name that helps your app stand out

#2 Create an attractive app icon that will stick out on the app store

#3 Research your market to find the best keywords for your app

#4 Write an app store description that attracts users to install your app

#5 Create screenshots that point out key features in your app

#6 Encourage users to review your app using in-App Messages,as reviews and ratings attract new users for your app

#7 Free apps attract more users.Consider a free app with In-App Monetisation

#8 Test different prices for your paid app to find the sweet spot in the market

#9 Give away promo codes for your paid app so users can try it and tell their friends

#10 Submit Your app to multiple app directories like appolocious

#11 Create a facebook page to promote your app

#12 Create a twitter profile to promote your app

#13 Create youtube videos demostrating how your app works

#14 Create marketing and promotional videos on youtube

#15 Submit your app to app review sites (include Paid app review sites if you have the marketing budget)

#16 Write a press release and use a press release distribution service to get the word out

#17 Send a copy of your press release to your local newspaper or television stations

#18 Arrange for someone popular to endorse your app

#19 Be active in forums within your market,direct people to your app to solve their problem

#20 Advertise on social media

#21 Use IN-APP mobile AD networks to promote your app (often it might even be the same one you use to show ads within your app)

#22 Get your app featured on app-of-the-day sites

#23 Get your app features on paid -apps-gone-free sites if you change your app from paid to free

#24 Offer to write guest posts on blogs talking about your experience developing a mobile app

#25 Distribute flyers,postcards,stickers or other promotional material at related events or just around your local area

#26 User fiverr to find people to distribute flyers in other cities,states or countries

#27 Use fiverr to find creative ways to promote your app

#28 Offer to demo your application at trade shows or related events

#29 Allow users to share infromation within your app on facebook,twitter,pinterest or other social media sites

#30 Promote your app in your email signature and include it on every email you send

#31 Ask your friends to share your app on facebook and twitter

#32 Ask your friend to installl the app and leave you a good app store review and rating

#33 Advertise on facebook by targeting similar apps that users liked on facebook


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Arition infotech is Bihar’s Leading IT Services company with expertise in Mobile Application Development.We are a team of experienced developer, focused and walk the extra mile with the commitment of delivering the values to the clients.We implement your organization to be ahead from your competitors in the time of technology changes.Our development team ensures smooth and right solution and stays in touch with the clients throughout the development process.

Website Maintenance

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Website Maintenance and Its Importance

Website maintenance covers everything required to keep an operational website appealing and trouble free for visitors.

It comes into picture after the website is entertaining visitors.

Components of Website Maintenance

Following are the components that are covered in website maintenance
1.Text related updates
2.Images related updates
3.Additional Page Creation
4.Layout changes
5.Style sheet updates
6.Other minor dynamic script updates.

Why maintenance is needed?

Website owners usually don’t have the know how to make changes in a website.thus,website maintenance is needs. Following are the changes that require attention from time to time;
-Content related errors and updates
-Additional content and image related updates
-Layout changes
-Additional Page creation

What can happen if maintenance is ignored?

-Website maintenance is critical for the health of a website.A website without maintenance can comes across following challenges;

-Downfall in traffic
-Decline in search engine presence
-Bad image
-Disappointed visitors
-Aspiring as well as big web brands opt for website maintenance service to avoid such damage.

How much it costs?

-Website maintenance is not a costly affair.
-There are numerous web services companies that offer very reasonable website maintenance prices.
-Despite low cost of maintenance package,some web businesses ignore it and pay in the long run when problems come up.

Arition infotech,Website,SEO/SMO,Digital Marketing,Mobile Apps Company in Patna,Bihar.Call us @ 9155494233 / 7549500297

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

digital marketing in patna

Arition infotech provide a complete Social Media Optimization ,Search engine optimization and Social Media Marketing Solution under one Roof.

This social marketing plan will help you :

1. Understand how Social Marketing Works
2. Figure out what you need to do with social media marketing
3. Get started with Social Media Marketing Step-By-Step


-Regular blogging (at least weekly)
-Create RSS feed
-Encourage comments i.e. ask for feedback or thoughts on your article

– Traffic to your blog (Google Analytics)
-Inbound links

The more blogs you are on the more people you reach !


Social Networks & Microblogs


-Create Fan page,customize welcome page
– Regular status updates
-Create and participate in groups,questions
-Create competitions

-Referrals from other social networks
-EdgeRank score

Linked In

-Create detailed profile with credentials
-Create a group and encourage interaction
-Answer questions and POst questions

-Referrals from other social networks
-# of people in your network


-Promote blog posts and articles
-Create corporate account
-Encourage employee account creation
-Respond to support issues & follow up
-Tweet tips,industry news & company updates

-Following/Follower ratio


Social widgets are placed on a website to enable visitors to share information about the website on a social site

-Create widgets
-Distribute widgets
-Facebook Widget on website

-Widget count
-Mentions of widgets
-Referrals from widgets

Add this
Share this

Article Sites

– Write good,quality original articles
– Include important keywords 1-3 times
– Think of what your audience would search for
– Spin article
-Include website URL for backlinks

-View Count
-Ranking for important keywords

The more article sites you post on,the better !


-Bookmark your blog posts and articles that may interest others

-Referrals from bookmarking sites
-Ranking on bookmarking sites

The more bookmarking sites you bookmark your content to,the better !

  • friendster
  • diigo
  • friendfeed
  • stumbleUpon
  • Feedster
  • digg
  • Bookmark Tracker
  • Oneview
  • delicious

Forums & Wikis

-Find and blog on industry related forums that have high traffic
-Always include your website URL in your signature
-Create profile with relevant information so users can find and identify you
-Engage in popular Marketing wikis such as Wikidot,Wikispaces

-Referrals from forums/wikis
-Pages ranking for important keywords

The more forums & wikis you are on,the better !


Online Videos

-Regularly update videos
-Always include a link to your website in the description and if possible the video itself

-Create a video series i.e. 10 Step Marketing Plan,With a video for each step


-Views of your video and channel views
-Referrals from other video sites
-Individual video rank for keyword searches
-Number of subscribers

The more videosites you post on, the better !

Google Video

Photo Sharing

-Upload photos from company/marketing events
-Daily company life
-Always include links back to website/blog

-View Count
-Ranking for important keywords on these sites

The more photosharing sites you post on,the better !

  • Fotolog
  • Shutterfly
  • Picturetrail
  • Flickr
  • snapfish
  • photobucket


“Feeds are a way for websites to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers.Feeds permit subscription to regular updates”
– Google

-Create an RSS feed of your various blogs and accounts on article sites
-Submit the above to feed directories

-Subscribers- new and existing

The more feed sites you submit your article/blog post to,the better !

  • metafeeder
  • blogs
  • bloglovin
  • friendfeed
  • feedplex


-Find podcast directory
-Create podcasts using existing material i.e webinars,videos,phone conferences,article content

-View count
– Referrals

The more podcast directories you submit your podcast to,the better !

  • podcastalley
  • podlounge
  • itunes
  • Yourpodcast

Arition Infotech SEO/SMO,Website and Mobile Apps Company in Patna


What is Social Media?

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

What is Social Media ?

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create,share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Top Social Media Sites

1. Facebook – 750 million users a month
2. Twitter – 250 million users a month
3. Linked In – 110 million users a month
4. Pinterest – 85 million users a month
5. Google Plus – 65 million users a month
6. YouTube – More than 1 billion unique users visit each month

Facebooksmo company in patna

Facebook has 1.11 billion monthly active users

More than 1 in 7 people in the WORLD have Facebook and log in monthly.

751 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products

Post regularly but make good quality posts

Ask Questions to engage your fans

Photos get the most attention,so post photos from every meeting/event


Twitter has over 550 million userslist of seo company in patna

Each and every day,hundreds of thousands sign up for Twitter.That means the Twitter population has moved beyond celebrity chasers,press users,marketers,and athletes.

You can follow others and they can follow you Thing of it like sending a text message to everyone who follows you.

Good for sending quick bits of info,or a link to more info.

Good for real time events,etc.

Linked In

There are more than 2.1 million LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn is a great place to network and keep up with trends in your insmo-company-in-patnadustry.

The Business version of Facebook

There are many groups where you can share ideas and have discussions with others.

Pinterestsmo company in patna

-Pinterest has around 50 million users
-A virtual cork board
-Can Post images and tag them

best seo company in patnaGoogle Plus

Direct competitor to FB

Established by Google,but very few people using it in comparison.

One great feature:

– Google Hangouts
– Chat face-to-face
– Broadcast to the world
– Hold virtual meetings

Youtubewebsite company in patna

– Great resource for posting videos
– Great for showing small clips to explain
– Use keywords to make your video easy to find.
– More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
– Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube – that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth

– 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute

Arition infotech SEO,SMO,Website,Software,Mobile Apps Company in Patna

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