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What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a term that defines marketing that is done via social networks,such as online communities,networks,blogs and many other marketing tools to raise awareness among their potential clients.

These sites are used to publicize,make sales,create connections between the business and target market,and to handle customer service.Some common tools used to perform social media marketing are Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin,Flickr and YouTube.

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Social media marketing has mainly three accepts like firstly,it creates buzz and attracts readers with catchy and impressive messages.This buzz spreads through the Internet through contact between users who in turn pass it on to their own contacts.Within moments,these messages spread like wild fire.

Effective social media marketing would help generate a good number of quality back links to one’s site.These tools help the members of social networks to resend links to one’s websites to other interested viewers,hence adding more back links and increasing the popularity of one’s website.

In conclusion,social media marketing is effective and natural.It is a great source of web traffic,and achieves great results at a low cost.This form of marketing would work well with any other advertising campaign.

Website Marketing

– Publicity for site URL
– Directory Listings
– Search engine optimization (SEO)
– Paid search results
– Banner Ads
– Email blasts

Blog Marketing

– May replace main site or be a supplement
– Website marketing techniques apply
– Better reach via RSS feed
– More interaction via comments
– More personal and topical (author identity)

Social media marketing

– Create social communities
– Brand members as community members
– Offer better transparency,honesty,”good citizen”
– Market,Promote,provide customer service

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What is a Target Market ?

  •  Your target market is the group of people who are interested in what you have to sell.
  • Many people believe they want everyone to be their customer or their business partner.This is not true.You will bankrupt yourself if you try to build your business this way.
  • You only want the people who have a need for the products,services,or business opportunity you are offering and have the means and opportunity to make a purchase (or decision).
  • Most people belong to multiple target markets at any one time.For example,i am a woman, mom, and wife.Each category has products and services that i need to help me fulfill my duties in each respective position.Almost everything about me puts me into a particular “Target Market” for someone.

The importance of your Target Market

  • Developing a well defined target market is the first step to building a profitable business.
  • Defining your target market allows you to focus on and refine marketing tactics that will attract them.
  • It will help you define your business brand so that it connects with your buyers.
  • You will be able to make better business decisions when it comes to advertising and where you direct your energy.This will help you avoid wasting time and money.

Defining your Target Market

  •  Target markets can be segmented into five categories: geography,demographic/socioeconomic,pshychographic,behavioral,and product relationship.
  • Geography = where they live
  •  Demographics = Age,income,gender
  • Pshychographic = Similar beliefs,attitudes,lifestyles
  • Behavioral = Loyalty,buying habits
  • Product Relationship = How the product is being used
  • To effectively define who your target market is,you must step back from your product and view it like a customer.
  • Price: Who can afford to buy it
  •  Product Benefits : Who would the benefits of the product help
  •  Usage : Who is mostly like to use the product
  • Influence : Who is mostly likely to influence the purchase of this product
  • What niche is your is your product in ? This will provide you with a lot of info up front about your target market.
  • Look at similar products,services, or opportunities.Who are they targeting?Who is buying or showing interest?
  • Some products have multiple target markets. Start with the one that closely matches your brand and then expend to others as you become experienced.
  •  Write down all of the attributes of your target customer. How old are they? What is their income? How do they buy products?
  • Go online and read the blogs of people who seem to fit your profile. Telk to people in your audience. read their magazines,newsletters, and follow their social media streams. This will provide you with insight into your ideal customer.
  •  knowing the attributes of your target customers makes it easier to figures out what influences them to buy and where they are buying their products.
  •  It is helpful to write a description of your perfect customer.This will make them more real to you and provide you with a mental image of the person using your products.
  • The description of your ideal customers should provide clues about where you can find them.

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Attracting your Target Market

You can attract people through indirect means as well:

  • Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Submitting articles to article directories to build a reputation of authority
  • Offering free info products in exchange for emil address
  • Tweeting about issues of concern
  • Posting status updates about issues of concern
  • Joining groups of similar interest
  • Offer free webinars in exchange for email address
  •  Posting comments on relevant blogs/taking part in the site community
  •  Video blogging or posting information videos on Youtube
  • SEO/SEM is extremely important today.80% of people use search engines such as Google and Bing to find information online.
  • To do this properly,you must research the most appropriate keywords your target audience is using to find info about your products as well as topics that concern them which are related to your products.
  •  Keywords are the words and phrases people enter into the search bar to find information about a particular subject.Similar to the card catalog at the library.The keywords in use today are generally about 3-5 words long.
  •  Visit sites similar to your and see what they are using.

SEO Checklist

Arition Infotech | Website and SEO company In Patna

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SEO Checklist

1 Mobile Usability
2 Mobile and Voice -Related Keywords
3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

On Page SEO

4. Head Section Order
5 Title Tag
6 Description Tag
7 Keywords Tag
8 Heading Tags
9 Word Count
10 Call to Action
11 Image and Video Optimization
12 Structured Data Markup
13 Social Markup
14 URL optimization
15 Fully Qualified Links
16 Content Freshness
17 Make Javascript and CSS External

Sitewide Optimization

18 Content Information
19 Testimonials
20 Privacy Statement
21 Text Navigation
22 Sitemaps
23 Robots.txt File
24 Keyword Strategy and Research
25 Linking Strategy
26 Server Configuration
27 Static Pages
28 Static Content on Home Page
29 No SPAM Tactics
30 Duplicate Content

Webmaster Tools

31 Web Analytics
32 Webmaster Tools Accounts
33 Crawl Errors Report
34 Manual Penalty Review
35 Site Speed and Performance


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What Pagerank is ?

Pagerank is an algorithm that reviews and then assigns a weight value for the elements of your content.Pagerank is probably the most important factor in getting loads of free traffic to your website.

  • Google Places a lot of important on your pagerank simply because most t of the clicks generated from search engines come from the first page of results.
  • If Your websites ranks in the top ten search results you will be 90% more likely to get a click than if your page was ranked lower on the second or third results page.
  • Internet searchers tend to stay within the first page of results so if your site is not listed in one of those positions,you will not see any good results.
  • Google offers a variety of helpful information about pagerank and how to increase it.Content relevance to the given topic will always bring higher ranking naturally.
  • If your website offers the most valuable content about your sunject,you will be viewed as a resource for internet searchers.This will give your website much more weight in the results you get.

Increase Pagerank….

Another way to increase your overall pagerank is to make sure that all of your SEO tactics have been worked out beforehand.

Make sure that our meta-data and description,along with your content match consistently.If your website sells psychedelic t-shirts,you wouldn’t talk about televisions on your site.

Offer something unique to your users.

Searching for good content…..

If you have a site that is related to news or current events you can search for good quality content to add to your website as it comes available on the internet.

Find the latest stories about your niche and promote them like crazy.You want to be the person with the most up-to-date information available.This will increase the overall weight over your pages over time.

Google often changes how their search algorithm works so it’s important that you know which things to avoid and which things to incroporate into your website.

The other thing to remember is that your pagerank is very dynamic and will move up and down the scale as your website matures.Continue to offer top wuality content and over time your pagerank will increase dramatically.

Once Your site ranks in the top ten search results,stick with it because the work is never over.

Develop testing techniques and implement changes as needed and the Google spider will love your website,even more than you do!

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