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SEO And Android Apps company in Patna

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Arition Infotech

Software Company in Patna

Are you looking for a reputable SEO company in Patna,Bihar with a proven track record? Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We are actually more than a SEO Company, we are a Digital Growth Company. We are experts in everything from SEO, PPC, and CRO to Social Media, Reputation Management and Web Development,Android Mobile Apps Development,Digital Marketing,Logo Designing.

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Android Mobile Apps

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Arition Infotech ,Leading Software Company in Patna,Bihar

Website Designing,SEO,SMO,Digital Marketing,Android Mobile Apps,Software Development

Get Your Own App Today

Mobile App Industry
  • The growth of the mobile industry is incredible
  • In Just over 3 years,over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.

Android Mobile Apps is the best place where you can update their user regularly and get quick response from them.

Android Mobile apps is also beneficial for educational institutions for Alerts,fee updates,class notes,attendance,gallery,notification,inquiry,results Updates.

Why Arition Infotech for Mobile Apps?

  • We make mobilize your business simple & pain free
  • We help bring in new business and increase repeat customers
  • We handle everything from start to finish
  • We’re mobile experts
  • We’re extremely affordable
  • We’re fast & easy to use
Android Mobile Application Company in Patna
Some Features of your mobile app
App can display
  • Information on services
  • Restaurants menu(text or PDF)
  • All locations visible in Maps
  • One click calling
  • School Fee/Payment Details
  • Study Material Download
  • Enquiry
  • Search nearby restaurant/hotel/school etc
  • Online order
  • Online Payment
  • Recharge
  • Events and more…

Links to social networks

  • Customers can link to your social media pages.
  • Increase Facebook fans.
  • Increase twitter followers.
  • Approximately 40% of social media users access their accounts through mobile devices.
Loyalty Coupons
  • GPS coupons
    -When at your location,customers can ‘check in’ and receive bonuses.
  • QR code coupons
  • Used to replace stamp cards
  • Increase customer loyalty!

30% of customers reported that they are “Extremely Likely” to increase their visits to a business if they have a loyalty reward card for them.

Live Updating  Take full control over your apps content!

App can update

  • Display special events
  • Special of the week/day
  • Loyalty coupons
  • Image gallery
  • Everything inside the app!
Push Notifications
  • Update your customers instantly
    -Special offers,updates,happy hours.
  • Push notification break the barrier between you and your customers.-included completely Free
  • Compare to SMS texting plans on average cost 2000/month
How to get started

Contact us Anytime by:

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  • Email :
  • Visit our website at:
  • Office : Shivpuri,Boring Road Patna-23

SEO Audit | SEO Services in Patna | SEO Company in Patna

Arition Infotech,Leading Software Company in Bihar.

Website Designing,SEO,SMO,Digital Marketing,Software Development,Android Mobile Apps

digital marketing in patna

On Page SEO Audit Important Points

  • Titles to all the pages
  • Meta description to pages
  • Alt tags to images
  • Domain will expire
  • IP address blocked & DNS
  • Site verification on Yahoo,Bing
  • Google Analytics
  • Crawl Error
  • Search Friendly Design
  • Redirect Issue
  • Custom 404 Error Page
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Search friendly URLs
  • Heading Tags
  • Canonical link element
  • Contact form
  • Footer Links
  • RSS feed
  • RSS Icon
  • Social media Button
  • Sharing Button
  • Broken links
  • Facebook fan page
  • Twitter account
  • YouTube account
  • Inbound links
  • Content freshness
  • Blog on the main Page

These are important Point ,you must check before start Your Digital Marketing/SEO of Your Website

Arition Infotech,Leading Software Company in Bihar.

Call us @ 9155494233 / 7549500297 or Mail us @ for Website Designing,SEO,SMO,Digital Marketing,Software,Android Mobile Apps

Customer Relationship Management


Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Arition Infotech(Leading Software Company in Bihar) Provide CRM Software

We provide SEO Service,SMO Service,Digital Marketing,Android Mobile Application,Website Designing,Development in Patna,Bihar

What is CRM(Customer Relationship Management)?

  • Helps business to provide right information to the right person at the right time
  • Retails existing customers and brings new opportunities
  • Helps top management to do data analysis effectively to set future goal

Three types of CRM software

  1. Operational CRM
  2. Analytical CRM
  3. Collaborative CRM

Operational CRM

  • Operational CRM streamlines the business process
  • It includes Sales automation,Marketing automation and Service automation
Operational CRM-Sales Automation
  • Helps an organization to automate sales process
  • Deals with existing customers and acquires new customers
  • Includes CRM modules like
    1.Lead Management
    2.Contact Management
    3.Quote-to-Order management
    4.Sales forecasting

Operational CRM-Marketing Automation

  • Main purpose of marketing automation is to find out the best way to offer the products and approach potential customers
  • Major module in marketing automation is campaign management

Operational CRM-Service Automation

  • Enables business to retain customers by providing best quality of service and building strong relationship
  • Includes issue management,cutomer call management,service label management

Analytical CRM

  • Analyzes customer data,coming from various touch points,to get better insights about current status of an organization
  • Helps top management to take better decision,marketing executives to understand the campaign effectiveness,sales executives to increase sales support personnel to improve quality of support
  • Improves the CRM system effectiveness and analyzes key performance indicators,set by business

Collaborative CRM

  • Enables an organization to share customer’s information among various business units like sales team,technical and support team
  • Unites all group to aim only one goal,use all information to improve the quality of customer service and acquire new customers to increase sales and loyalty

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