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Arition Infotech,Website,Mobile Apps,Software company in Patna,Bihar

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Arition InfoTech SEO,Software,Website,Mobile Apps Company in Patna,Bhagalpur,Begusarai,Bihar

Arition Infotech is a information technology Company which provides IT services to clients . We provide end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization’s current IT assets.

We believe that each client is unique, and that each client’s conception of value will change over time. New conditions will prevail, new priorities will emerge and new technologies will become affordable. Sustaining value, once it is created, is key, to do that, Arition Infotech delivers the best total solution, a custom approach specifically designed with your business in mind.

The sheer scale of our technology capabilities and client engagements differentiates what we do from most other companies. Technology is just an enabler. The true value of any organization lies in its intellectual capital, its industry expertise, its great idea and its sophisticated core technology. Yet, many firms get distracted by the challenges associated with trying to do everything on their own, including hiring expensive technical expertise, managing and building a world-class development environment, maintaining existing solutions and providing customer support.

website company in patna

The highly experienced team of engineers, an advanced research and development facility, help provide the best services and make Arition Infotech an ideal partner in product development. Our focus is on cutting-edge technologies in the software industry and the mastering of new operating systems.

Arition Infotech provides its clients with experience, leadership, as well as cost-effective and up-to-date resources required for their future vision. It  is committed to creating high-quality and high-value products. It  partners with its clients for the full software lifecycle, from specification and design, to implementation and testing. After a product is released, it  remains available to the client, providing ongoing support or scaling up rapidly to develop new versions. The end result is a superior product and increased profits for the client.


Call us @ 7360002244 / 7360002233

Office Address :

2nd Floor,DPL House,Daadi Ji Lane,Boring Road,Patna

Panjabi muhalla,Lakhisarai



Arition Infotech | Android Mobile Apps,SEO,Website company in Varanasi and Patna

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Arition InfoTech Android Mobile Apps ,Website And SEO Company in Varanasi and Patna

Almost 80% of Indian population are using mobile phones in which most of them are using smart phones and it is still increasing. And so in the present era the world has very big scope for mobile and its related market. Most of the mobile manufacturing companies prefers android platform because of various reason. So obvious, android has biggest shares among all other mobile platforms. So we can take this as opportunity and can promote and integrate our business. As per nature of the business we can develop our own android app which can be distributed and installed in many of mobile in the relevant market. We have a huge number of examples who took the advantages of mobile app and added this in his business as an important part and now are making better money. In the eastern part of the country has not taken benefits this opportunity. So has an open field and higher scope. Arition InfoTech PVT LTD is the only company which is Known as Leading android app development company in Bihar ,UPand Jharkhand whose Headquarter is in Patna. Many of android apps develop by Arition InfoTech is running in the market now.         

Internet marketing in patna and begusarai

Arition Infotech,Leading IT company in Bihar,UP.Our Services are Website Designing,Development,SEO,Digital Marketing,Android Mobile Apps,Software Development

Give us  a miss call @ 7360002233 / 7360002244

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Search Engine Optimization Company in Patna,Bhagalpur,Begusarai

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Arition Infotech ,SEO,Website Designing,Digital Marketing,Android Mobile Apps,Software Company in Patna,Begusarai,Bhagalpur

How does Google rank the Websites?

When we search for something by typing a keyword/phrase,Google will pull out the relevant documents from its index

It then,rank them for that particular keyword/phrase based on around 200 ranking factors such as

  • Good quality,relevant and fresh content
  • Good user experience
  • Back links from other good quality websites
  • Social signals
    And many more
So, What is SEO?

Search engine optimization(SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results page-often referred to as “natural”,”organic” or “earned” results.)

This involves certain strategies,techniques and tactics to make sure Search Engines understand your site better.

A good SEO expert will follow the best practices recommended by the Search Engines to avoid any penalty by the Search Engines.

2 Components of SEO

1) On-site SEO
Heading (like H1 tags),title and meta tags,Alt text,keyword density,keyword-formatted URLs,indexing,XML sitemap,internal linking.

2) Off-site SEO :
Earning back links from external sources
Business listing websites,Citations,Blogs,Social Media Signal etc.

Depending on whether your business targets international customers or local customers/market,the SEO techniques can be classified into Globel SEO and Local SEO.

Global SEO

  • Used by businesses that target global customers
  • Websited are optimized for global searcches
  • Trying to signal the search engines that the website is a global competitor

Local SEO

  • Used by businesses that target specific geographic territories
  • Websites are optimized for local searches
  • Trying to signal the search engines that the website is target towards the local customers

Arition Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

SEO Company in Patna | Website Designing Company in Patna | Software Company in Patna | Android Mobile Apps Company in Patna | Digital Marketing Company in Patna
SEO Company in Bhagalpur | Website Designing Company in Bhagalpur
| Software Company in Patna | Android Mobile Apps Company in Bhagalpur
| Digital Marketing Company in

2nd Floor,DPL House,Daadi Ji Lane,Boring Road,Patna

Call us @ 9155494233 / 7549500297


SEO | SEO and Android Apps company in Patna,Bhagalpur,Begusarai

Website and Software Company In patna and begusarai

Arition Infotech,SEO,Website Designing,Android Mobile Apps Company In Patna,Begusarai,Bhagalpur

Why Social Media

  • Old Advertising Doesn’t work as well
  • News Papers are very expensive
  • The Yellow Pages is DEAD
  • TV advertising are expensive
  • You will Creating Massive Traffic to your business
  • You will Become The Expert in Your Industry
  • Help with Getting Top SEO Search in your Niche
  • Get advertising for Dirt Cheap if Not Free
  • Get Mass Exposure To your Company

Arition Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Leading Software company in Bihar

SEO Company in Patna | SEO company in Bhagalpur | SEO company in Muzaffarpur |  SEO company in Begusarai

2nd Floor,DPL House,Daadi Ji Lane,Boring Road,Patna-01

9155494233 / 7549500297

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