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What Pagerank is ?

Pagerank is an algorithm that reviews and then assigns a weight value for the elements of your content.Pagerank is probably the most important factor in getting loads of free traffic to your website.

  • Google Places a lot of important on your pagerank simply because most t of the clicks generated from search engines come from the first page of results.
  • If Your websites ranks in the top ten search results you will be 90% more likely to get a click than if your page was ranked lower on the second or third results page.
  • Internet searchers tend to stay within the first page of results so if your site is not listed in one of those positions,you will not see any good results.
  • Google offers a variety of helpful information about pagerank and how to increase it.Content relevance to the given topic will always bring higher ranking naturally.
  • If your website offers the most valuable content about your sunject,you will be viewed as a resource for internet searchers.This will give your website much more weight in the results you get.

Increase Pagerank….

Another way to increase your overall pagerank is to make sure that all of your SEO tactics have been worked out beforehand.

Make sure that our meta-data and description,along with your content match consistently.If your website sells psychedelic t-shirts,you wouldn’t talk about televisions on your site.

Offer something unique to your users.

Searching for good content…..

If you have a site that is related to news or current events you can search for good quality content to add to your website as it comes available on the internet.

Find the latest stories about your niche and promote them like crazy.You want to be the person with the most up-to-date information available.This will increase the overall weight over your pages over time.

Google often changes how their search algorithm works so it’s important that you know which things to avoid and which things to incroporate into your website.

The other thing to remember is that your pagerank is very dynamic and will move up and down the scale as your website matures.Continue to offer top wuality content and over time your pagerank will increase dramatically.

Once Your site ranks in the top ten search results,stick with it because the work is never over.

Develop testing techniques and implement changes as needed and the Google spider will love your website,even more than you do!

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