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What is CRM(Customer Relationship Management)?

  • Helps business to provide right information to the right person at the right time
  • Retails existing customers and brings new opportunities
  • Helps top management to do data analysis effectively to set future goal

Three types of CRM software

  1. Operational CRM
  2. Analytical CRM
  3. Collaborative CRM

Operational CRM

  • Operational CRM streamlines the business process
  • It includes Sales automation,Marketing automation and Service automation
Operational CRM-Sales Automation
  • Helps an organization to automate sales process
  • Deals with existing customers and acquires new customers
  • Includes CRM modules like
    1.Lead Management
    2.Contact Management
    3.Quote-to-Order management
    4.Sales forecasting

Operational CRM-Marketing Automation

  • Main purpose of marketing automation is to find out the best way to offer the products and approach potential customers
  • Major module in marketing automation is campaign management

Operational CRM-Service Automation

  • Enables business to retain customers by providing best quality of service and building strong relationship
  • Includes issue management,cutomer call management,service label management

Analytical CRM

  • Analyzes customer data,coming from various touch points,to get better insights about current status of an organization
  • Helps top management to take better decision,marketing executives to understand the campaign effectiveness,sales executives to increase sales support personnel to improve quality of support
  • Improves the CRM system effectiveness and analyzes key performance indicators,set by business

Collaborative CRM

  • Enables an organization to share customer’s information among various business units like sales team,technical and support team
  • Unites all group to aim only one goal,use all information to improve the quality of customer service and acquire new customers to increase sales and loyalty