What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a term that defines marketing that is done via social networks,such as online communities,networks,blogs and many other marketing tools to raise awareness among their potential clients.

These sites are used to publicize,make sales,create connections between the business and target market,and to handle customer service.Some common tools used to perform social media marketing are Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin,Flickr and YouTube.

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Social media marketing has mainly three accepts like firstly,it creates buzz and attracts readers with catchy and impressive messages.This buzz spreads through the Internet through contact between users who in turn pass it on to their own contacts.Within moments,these messages spread like wild fire.

Effective social media marketing would help generate a good number of quality back links to one’s site.These tools help the members of social networks to resend links to one’s websites to other interested viewers,hence adding more back links and increasing the popularity of one’s website.

In conclusion,social media marketing is effective and natural.It is a great source of web traffic,and achieves great results at a low cost.This form of marketing would work well with any other advertising campaign.

Website Marketing

– Publicity for site URL
– Directory Listings
– Search engine optimization (SEO)
– Paid search results
– Banner Ads
– Email blasts

Blog Marketing

– May replace main site or be a supplement
– Website marketing techniques apply
– Better reach via RSS feed
– More interaction via comments
– More personal and topical (author identity)

Social media marketing

– Create social communities
– Brand members as community members
– Offer better transparency,honesty,”good citizen”
– Market,Promote,provide customer service

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